2018 Membership Form


[A printable version HERE; membership details HERE]





Phone ______________________________


Please choose a share option:

1. Regular Share:

  • Weekly Share: $528 _______
  • Biweekly Share: $264______

2. Summer Share:

  • Weekly Share: $384 _______
  • Biweekly Share: $192 _______

3. Choose Your Own Dates: Choose 6+ weeks during the season to pick up a CSA Share. Multiply the number of weeks by $24/week for the total cost. Your Dates: __________________________________________________

4. Work Exchange or Barter: ______

Circle a Pick Up Option:        

  1. On Farm in Orrtanna on Tuesdays
  2. St. James in Gettysburg on Tuesdays
  3. Fidler & Co. in Biglerville on Wednesdays
  4. Potomac Street in Waynesboro on Tuesdays*

*If you live in Waynesboro and would like home delivery, please add $80  for a Weekly Share and $40 for a Biweekly Share

Added Delivery Charge ________

Grand Total______

CSA Agreement: I agree to pay the above amount when I sign up for the 2017 CSA season. I understand that Amazing Heart Farm depends on my financial support and/or labor for its survival. In return, the CSA will provide me with the best produce possible. I understand that production may vary due to circumstances beyond the farmers control, such as weather conditions. I also understand that I will not get my money back if I decide to discontinue my share once the season has started.


Please print this form and send it, with payment, to:
Amazing Heart Farm
181 Orrtanna Road
Orrtanna, PA 17353