Itsy Bitsy Acres

Goat Cheese, Yogurt, Milk, & Eggs from Itsy Bitsy Acres

We’re excited to offer these delicious products with your CSA shares! You can purchase products from Isty Bitsy Acres on a weekly basis or pay upfront for the season (you can always add to your order if needed). We will deliver on a weekly basis to all locations so, if you have a biweekly share and would like something on your “off” week, we are still happy to deliver to your normal pick-up location.

Here is what Itsy Bitsy Acres has to offer:

  • Soft Goat Cheese (chives, garlic & salt; dill garlic & salt; OR plain & salt):1/2 lb @ $6.00
  • Soft Goat Cheese (chives, garlic & salt; dill garlic & salt; OR plain & salt): 1/4 lb. @ $3.00 
  • Vanilla Yogurt: 1/2 lb @ $2.00
    All milk is pasteurized for above products
  • Raw Goat Milk: 1/2 gal. @ $4.00
  • Free Range Eggs-Nest Run-Mixed Colors 1 dozen @ $2.50; 1 1/2 doz. @ $3.00; 2 doz. or more @ $2.00/doz.*
  • Pickled Eggs (a container of 4) @ $2.50

Stay tuned for butter as well!
*If you’re purchasing eggs on a weekly, or biweekly basis, you may use the $2/doz price.
Milk will last for one week if kept cold.
Yogurt & cheese will last for 2 weeks if kept cold.
About Itsy Bitsy Acres: Woodie Hartzell was raised on a fruit farm in Adams County and has been raising goats & chickens since 1994. Itsy Bitsy Farm has a 130 chicken range on 2 acres of land. The chicken coop doors are only closed during freezing weather.
They currently have 13 Does, 11 Bucks, & 8 Kids (with more on the way). The kids nurse for 4 to 6 months depending on milk needs. They are separated from moms at night after 3 month of age. The goats are hand milked for gentle milking. Milk is cooled to 40% in 45 minutes. It is kept at 32% and will last for one week if keep cold.
To Order: If placing orders on a weekly basis, please e-mail or call in your order to Woodie by 4pm on Sunday before pickup.
If you would like to purchase on a more regular basis, please email or call in the list of what you would like and on which weeks.

For example, if you have a regular CSA share and would like eggs delivered every week and goat cheese delivered every other week, that would be 1 dozen eggs @ $2.00 x 22 weeks + 1/4 lb goat cheese (let’s decide to alternate the flavors – they’re all delicious!) @ $3.00 x 12 = $84. Then if you fall in love with the goat cheese, or decide to try the yogurt, you can always call Woodie the Sunday before pickup and order more. If you have any questions, contact Elizabeth at 

Woodie’s contact info is:
Phone: 717-408-8084 or 717-642-6712
To pay, please send checks to:
205 Hickory Bridge Road
Orrtanna, PA 17353