Volunteer or WWOOF

If you’re visiting the area or if you live locally and would like to spend more time outside, consider volunteering at AHF for a few hours! There are many different types of things to do. Bring friends and a picnic lunch and make a day of it. Or invite a few co-workers to come along. We’ve had several volunteer groups from the Chambersburg Target Store, college students for GIVE Day, and writing, philosophy, & environmental studies classes from Gettysburg College come to the farm.  If you’re interested, email Elizabeth at amazingheartfarm@gmail.com.

We always appreciate your volunteered time and skills!

And . . . if you’re registered with WWOOF-USA and you’d like to come and spend a few days or weeks to learn about farming and to explore the area, check out our profile on WWOOF USA. Then email me a bit about yourself and why you’re drawn to small scale farming and I’ll be in touch by phone.