November 22, 2009

“America of the future will be all malls connected by interstates. All because your parents no longer can their own tomatoes.”

-Garrison Keiller 

Notes from this beautiful Sunday:

Bill rototilled till his arms were numb this afternoon while I hauled leaves to what has become one GIGANTIC pile of compost treasure. We’ve been gradually converting yard into garden space, and I’m now almost completely out of cover crop seed. I have just one tiny hand-full lef). With kale, broccoli and carrots our only remaining “outdoor” crops, I’m anticipating these next winter months- despite this crazy/bittersweet-glorious weather we’ve been having! (Hence the photos of our winter stash…)

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  1. charlane says:

    the new blog is looking great! I know you’re very proud of what you’re doing and you definitely should be. it’s wonderful.

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