Taking Stock

The end of January, snow falling outside, the air brisk. Traditionally, this is to take stock of our food supplies. This morning I checked on the winter squash we’ve stored in an unheated upstairs bedroom. We lost a few of the tiny ones to the low humidity but between the remaining Butternut, Long Island Cheese pumpkin and Red Kori, we have more than enough to get us through the winter. Then I checked on our frozen goods- still lots of yellow squash and zucchini, a few bags of green beans, some frozen peaches and fruit breads. And our stash of canned goods is still going strong. So I decided to make a tomato bean stew. The sweet tasting broth steamed our kitchen windows, its scent filling our downstairs rooms. Such joy, these winter feasts! If you’re wondering what to do with your own canned tomatoes, your can find the winter stew recipe here.

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