Seedling Update

With the cold frames under several feet of snow, and our hoop house buried,  it might be awhile before we’re able to transplant our seedlings. If only we had a sturdy cold house! But they’re doing well. Here’s a brief up-date:

A Red Bulb Onion

A Cold Hearty Red Romaine  

Red Russian Kale

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  1. Deb. says:

    Is “red” the theme?
    These are beautiful, both the plants themselves and the photos of them.

    Had to laugh at your wanting a “sturdy cold house,” as the sunlight has just begun to fade and the house cools.

  2. eoweller says:

    I guess “red” is a theme- the kale and romaine are in a room painted a deep burgundy so naturally the lens picks that up!

    I like your play on words there with the sturdy cold house… Wish I could join you for a cup of tea! I’m stir crazy and snowed in.

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