A quick update from the garden

The Chinese Asters are beginning to flower! (they are not edible)

I hope you enjoyed your edible bouquets last week. Click here to check out the new herbs and edible flowers page for recipe and links. If you have some faves, please add them in the comment section. I’m always looking for new recipes!

And a quick update from the garden:

It looks like we’ll have some tomatoes in the hoop house in just a few weeks. Broccoli, cabbage and beans are just around the corner and some of the summer squash plants are starting to blossom. Melon plants are in the ground and  we’ll direct seed our winter squash soon. The sweet potato slips I ordered from Sand Hill Preservation Center may or may not come through, depending on weather so, keep your fingers crossed if you’re a fan. And some deer have helped themselves to some lettuce and radicchio plants and pulled out a planting of beets. So, we’re gonna have to get after that deer fencing… Until then, if anyone’s up for camping out in the garden on “produce watch,” I recommend the aisle between bean and tomato plants.


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