How ’bout a rain dance?

Enough already! It’s been three weeks since we’ve seen rain here in Cashtown.  So naturally, all of our spare time is spent watering from the tank collecting our well overflow (one of Bill’s clever ideas). But luckily I’ve had some extra help this week. Passing through town, Nadia (pictured below dead-heading the zinnias) stopped by to check things out before heading off to do some farming in CA through the WWOOF program. Many thanks for all of your help Nadia!

And, a quick side-bar,  for those of you who’d like to see the mandatory labeling of GMO (genetically modified organisms) products, here‘s a chance to act on the latest GMO legislation. To learn more about the use of GMOs and to better understand their impact, check out:

or watch:

And, in the meantime, pray for rain.

Happy 4th of July!


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