Reflection and Planning

As our landscape is buried beneath several inches of fresh snow, I’m dreaming of spring and longing for the joys and abundance of summer. But, as Anne Bradstreet wrote several hundred years ago, “If we had no winter the spring would not be so pleasant.”

Winter allows us a moment to pause and reflect on the seasons that have come before, to learn from the mistakes we’ve made in the past and to integrate what we’ve learned into our future planning.  As I sit with a cup of tea and pour through books on permaculture, seed saving, and pest management, all the while drooling over seed catalogues (the bulk of this years seeds have been ordered but still, I can’t resist), the one thing that haunts me from our experience last year was the drought we struggled through during the summer months.

Winning the Intelligent Use of Water Award through Rain Bird will allow us to irrigate our gardens efficiently and with water that has been harvested sustainably. We’re currently in third place (the top three slots in our category will be awarded $10,000), but a few groups are coming up from behind pretty quickly. So, please continue to vote daily through March 15th and continue to pass along the voting info to friends and family who would be interested in helping out. Also, if you aren’t on the daily reminder list and would like to be, please contact me  (Elizabeth) at  

Many thanks!


p.s. Directions to vote:

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  1. Dave Johnson says:

    Thanks for entering our contest and thanks for reaching out to your readers to get out there and vote!! Good luck.
    -Dave Johnson
    Director of Marketing, Rain Bird

  2. elk says:

    you . amaze . me ..

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