July Transition Gettysburg / EES Potluck

We had a delicious Transition Gettysburg/EES (Energy, Environment & Sustainability) potluck last night. I was a bit exhausted after several long days of harvesting but felt refreshed after digging into the many delicious dishes that were shared. So, thanks for all of the great food!

After dinner, we had an impromptu meeting where Emily Fox presented her initial plans for hosting a Transition Gettysburg Reskilling Demonstrative Event. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the idea, Emily expresses the purpose of such an event quite well. Here’s what she has to say: “The purpose of a Transition Reskilling Event is to provide the local community with an education in useful, practical, and sustainable skills that were once common practices (e.g. canning tomatoes) or are considered appropriate and helpful (e.g. water catchment). These skills can even extend to those that build community connection, such as music and drama. The goal of this even is to empower individuals to become more sustainable and resilient to hardships (such as a recession) while engaging and strengthening the community.”Well said, Emily!

So far, folks have offered to demonstrate water catchment, to speak on native plants and food foraging, and to demonstrate methods for food preservation.
If you have ideas you’d like to share or if you’d like to get involved, Emily wants to hear from you! You can reach her at ECODRAGON15@GMAIL.COM.

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