Digging In

We’re still savoring springtime – and the asparagus that pushes it’s way from beneath the dirt signaling the start of the growing season. Its rapid growth has just begun to pause, ever so slightly, as though to let the rest of the world catch up.

Our daughter, Hannah, turns 1 on May 29th. The photo of the green asparagus is from her very own garden (yup! We’re starting her early). When she was born, a very dear friend bought her the pictured asparagus plant as a gift and now, every year, just around her birthday, she’ll have fresh asparagus to pick from her very own garden.

Last year, we planted a dogwood next to the garden to celebrate her birth. Any suggestions on what we could plant for her 1st birthday?


“Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.” Gary Snyder

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  1. Sara Bugler says:

    Kiwi berry?

  2. That would be fun! Thanks Sara!

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