Demain – Tomorrow (for Hannah)

I love watching Hannah grow up, so many changes, and so quickly. It’s really kinda incredible, this parenting thing. Most days I’m in the moment, savoring her sweet smile or focusing on what new food she’s tried that day. But sometimes I step back and imagine what her life will be like when she’s older. And when I do, it’s hard not to worry about the kind of world that she’ll inherit. I’m doing my best to nurture the land and the community I call home but sometimes my personal efforts feel insignificant when held against the weight of “everything gone wrong” in the world.

Then, every so often I discover gems like the documentary Demain (in English Tomorrow), and I am reminded that no matter how small the scale, my work matters. Demain tells the story of how Cyril Dion & Melanie Laurent, along with a team of four other people, travel to ten different countries to explore the creative ways people are addressing climate change. You can find their solutions for a better tomorrow HERE – eating more organic foods is #1 on the list!



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    1. Kailee says:

      What’s it take to become a sublime exnpuoder of prose like yourself?

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