Shadows & Shade, a guest post by Danielle Ofeldt

I found this wonderful quote a few weeks back.  It goes something like this: “Life is not about the shadows you cast on your enemies, but the shade you provide to your friends.”

This summer has been an incredible journey of creating the foundations for new friendships as well as rebuilding old ones.  Earlier this summer, I said that working on a farm taught me a number of things.  This still holds true, however I’d also like to recognize those who have taught me so much.

Thank you, Evan, for teaching me about all the different pests in the garden that I thought were just very interesting-looking bugs and about all the treasure hunting (crawdad fishing, arrowhead searches, wild mushroom hunting) that can be done in my new home. 

IMG_0426Thank you, Harmony, for helping me to find the enjoyment in digging for potatoes and harvesting garlic while also helping me relearn how much joy holding fuzzy caterpillars can bring. 

Thank you, Kendall, for helping me to become a healthier eater (hard to believe, 2016-05-17 12.01.47-2but it is true) and for teaching me about countless philosophies and ideas, all while bemoaning the sun together on particularly sweltering days.

Thank you, Miss Hannah, for helping me remember how shaky those first steps can be and to remember to congratulate myself for each one since then.

And finally, a very big thank you to Elizabeth for teaching me about the importance of appreciating each season, each particularly beautiful eggplant, each snipping of garlic scapes, and every one of our dozens (and I mean dozens) of zinnias.  You’ve made every day significant and worth celebrating and I’ll forever remember how to savor each summer day thanks to you.

I hope everyone enjoys their last few weeks of summer heat before starting to bundle up for the upcoming colder months.  Stay safe, keep growing, and don’t forget to spend time learning with some friends.


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  1. Hannah is walking??? Amazing!!!

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