Painted Tutle Farm – a pretty special place

Hi Folks!

I’m writing to let each of you know that for the next 30 days, I’m leading a SeedMoney Crowdfunding campaign to help raise money for Painted Turtle Farm. I got involved with the project about 4 years ago as Painted Turtle Farm transitioned to a Community Garden and Training Center and I’ve watched Painted Turtle Farm grow into vibrant community space where Gettysburg College students, together with immigrant families and community members, come together to share food traditions, grow vegetables, and create a discourse on sustainable agriculture. The farm has also successfully increased the availability of fresh, culturally-desirable food for low-income and immigrant community members, created a pathway towards larger-scale farming for interested community members by providing them with the resources and technical training needed to get started, and become a center for community reflection around the topics of social and systemic change.

It’s a pretty special place. And it’s continuing to evolve and to grow! With the funds raised through our SeedMoney campaign, we’re planning to build an extra shed on the farm. That might not sound super exciting but, trust me, it’s necessary. With so many people involved in the project, and with continuous educational and community building events, we need more space to safely store our tools, equipment, games and potluck supplies. Please support our project as it continues to expand and to grow!

The first 75 groups to raise $600 will receive a $400 grant for their project. That extra money will make a big difference! You can learn more about our project and support our campaign HERE.
With much gratitude,


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