And Next Season’s Garlic is in the Ground

And it’s time to plant garlic! This morning, the one & only (and most fabulous) Dustin Beall Smith brought his First Year Seminar to the farm to help out. We had more people than we needed for planting garlic but that, of course, was a good thing. Other students harvested and made bouquets of Globe…

What Makes Community Supported Agriculture Thrive?

I started the CSA here at Amazing Heart Farm in 2009, directly after I graduated from Harvard Divinity School. Something that I thought about frequently while at Harvard was the importance of setting down roots and of really coming to know and to love a place, a community – and by community I mean our neighbors as well as our local watersheds, and foodsheds. Having a sustained commitment to one place means that we’re responsible for that place. And if everyone cares about and for where they are, I think that our relationships with each other and with the earth would be much healthier.