November 1, 2009

It’s November now, our fifth month at 181 Orrtanna Road. Considering our late start and the fact that we started the garden from scratch, transforming turf into garden beds with a vintage  Montgomery-Ward rototiller, I’d say it’s been a successful season. Of course, much credit is due to the Waynesborians who have supported our efforts with their patronage!  

As the season is winding down, I’m excited to see seedlings growing in our cold frames and hoop house. We did have a pest problem in the hoop house. Not wanting the problem to spread to my newly planted Mustard Greens, yesterday I pulled a bed of kale that was being munched to death by Cabbage Worms. I planted Arugula in its place.

Outside, I am still harvesting kale, Swiss Chard and carrots. And my broccoli plants have finally begun to flower.  Unfortunately, a 50 foot row of Romaine and Oakleaf lettuce was devoured by deer. They also scarfed up the tops of my Swiss Chard plants but I was able to save a few of the baby plants which I’m hoping to harvest in the next several weeks.  

In my cold frames, I’m growing Oakleaf lettuce and Endive, some Rhubard Swiss Chard, Arugula, Mustard Greens and Kale. We’ll see how they hold up as the temperature drops…

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