Let us creatively engage this space-

Well the folks over the mountain have been enjoying the experimental salad mix, and they continue to make what I’m doing possible by demanding for more! Though money’s tight, when I’m out there in the field, I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing, or of any place I’d rather be. And I am thankful to have the committed support of my husband, and the growing support of customers in Waynesboro.

As I’ve written elsewhere, living so fully, our hearts wide open, our breathing deep, involves a community of people engaged in dialogue, the spaces between helping us to better understand and to live by what we value. My hope is that as the Amazing Heart CSA grows, people from the community will step forward with ideas of how this space can be used to fulfill our mission. I can think of many ways to creatively engage this space as an educational and therapeutic tool and over the next few months, I hope to better understand how this evolving space can best serve the local community. If you have any ideas, please contact me! The more people joined into the conversation the better.

A very happy belated Thanksgiving to all of you!

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