And winter is here…

I know, winter isn’t officially in session until December 21st. But it is here. Lovely white, with cold winds, dry throats and, in my neck of the woods, collapsed hoop houses. Earlier this week, ours gave way to the snowfall and brisk winds. Today I managed to remove the ice collected on top of the crushed plastic and broken hoops, salvaging my mustard greens, but whispering apologies to my arugula seedlings, kale, and swiss chard (though they may make it still, as they do prosper in the cold).

After covering my carrots with straw, and relishing the growth under the shelter of my cold frames, I bid the ground beneath my feet a  nourishing season of rest.  I do love this natural cycle of rest built into the year! While I’ll continue growing some winter greens for my family, as most of you know by now, it is my last week of produce deliveries for the season. But already I am already thumbing through my seed catalogues in anticipation of next year. For those of you who are interested in participating in the CSA or in being on my weekly distribution list, please send along your input. After all, I’m growing food for you!

Over the winter I’ll be doing quite a bit of planning for next year. The Adams County Extension Office is offering a followup to their course, Small Farm Dream which I plan to take. It’s called Your Future in Focus, and will be focusing on the business side of farming. If anyone’s interested, you can register here. I’ll also be taking a week-long intensive weaving course in January. Who knows what extras next years CSA share might include!

In the meantime, many thanks to all of you who have supported my beginning efforts this past summer and fall. I’ll continue to be in touch over the winter.

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