Happy Spring

With the Crocuses in bloom, I do believe that spring is here! Over the past few sunny days I’ve been outside clearing wood, preparing the ground to be rototilled, and planting the cold frames. And yesterday a very excited Bill started to assemble the base for our EarthNet solar panel:

Eventually it will heat an indoor growing space, built as an extension on the garage. In the meantime however, I’ve been starting seedlings in my office- mainly leeks, onions and cabbage at this point. Though today I planted broccoli seedlings and several flower varieties. After the rains, I’m hoping to have several sections rototilled (after last years struggle with our “antique” Montgomery Ward front tine tiller, I thought it would behoove us to hire someone with the proper equipment). I’m anxious to transplant the onions and to free up some room under the grow lights. Soon I’ll need to start our eggplant, pepper and tomato seedlings. Not to mention the rest of the flowers, annual herbs, melons and squash plants… We’ll be in full swing before long. And I can’t wait!

Until then-


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  1. Pam says:

    Love the updates! So excited to be part of the CSA this year. Great news on the solar panel and indoor growing space 🙂


  2. eoweller says:

    And we’re so glad you’re joined Pam! Hope you’re enjoying this sunshine!

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