March 19th, 2010

With this GORgeous weather, we’re crazy busy ’round here. And thoroughly enjoying ourselves, the work being so nourishing. The ground for the hoop house is prepared and I’ve planted some onions. We hope to get the structure for the hoop house in place this weekend. And I need to prepare the ground for the peas and spinach. I was hoping to do that before the rains last week!

Also, as many of you know, the tentative first pick-up for the extended season is the second week in May though I am aiming for the first! With my first year jitters, I’m hesitant to commit to it just yet. So, I’ll be in touch with the first pick-up date come April.

And, happy news: today I received a package from India I had been eagerly awaiting. This one contained a treasure from Strongbeads Etsy store– a beautiful bell for the children’s garden which does not yet exist but will soon, I hope! I feel in love with Strongbeads creations one evening while browsing Etsy and, after much back and forth, I finally decided on this one:


It will find a home in the Maple tree beside the house until we decide where to place the children’s garden.

I hope all of you have been enjoying these beautiful days!



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  1. Wauw Elisabeth,

    This is such an honour! The picture and all. It is great to see what is happening with the bell, great like this. I am working in a quiet area overhere; with slow internet connections and a bit out of fast live………… Then your blog and all this info from the other side of the world; amazing.

    Good luck with the project and enjoy the growth of nature!

    LOVE Yolanda

  2. eoweller says:

    It IS amazing to share in the lives of people half way round the world…
    Thanks for your well wishes Yolanda!

  3. Deb says:

    What exciting news — preparing and planting! And the garden grows… the bell is beautiful.

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