Gearing Up For Sunshine!

After the rains this evening, we’re gearing up for some sunshine! Today I prepared our seed potatoes for planting by cutting them into 2-3 pieces, each piece with at least one eye (see photo on the right). We do this several days before planting to allow the cuts to heal over before putting the potatoes in the ground.  We’ll be planting three varieties this year: Chiefton, a Mid Season potato with red skin and white flesh, Yukon Gold, the yellow skinned variety commonly used for boiling and baking and All Blue, a Long Season potato that, despite its bright violet blue skin and flesh, tastes like a regular potato. The All Blue is pictured above.

Elsewhere in the garden, our onions and leeks are doing well. The lettuce transplanted from the cold frames is looking hearty beneath the floating row cover. Additionally, Wilbur has been weeding and edging our small Lavender patch and in his spare time, Bill has been working to assemble our new 14 x 50 ft. high tunnel. Assuming sunshine, tomorrow I will begin preparing beds in the high tunnel with Phil Roth’s compost:

Wishing everyone a sunny and joyous week-


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary Joyce Love says:

    Elizabeth, your photography is incredible….every one that I’ve seen so far. Wondering what kind of camera you use.
    I just lost mine and am in the market for a new one now.
    Hugs, MerryJoys!

  2. eoweller says:

    Thanks Mary Joyce! I use a Canon EOS Digital Rebal XTI. It’s worked out quite well for me.
    I’ll show it to you when we get together in May.

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