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  1. Mary Joyce Love says:

    Elizabeth, when I enlarged these photos and viewed the intricate detailing of each I was left speechless! Thank you!
    The daffodils remind me of words to one of the first grade songs I taught you kids..maybe you remember it:
    Daffodils yellow and hyacinths blue
    whisper a secret to me and to you:
    Springtime is coming.
    The whole world’s like new!
    Happy, happy Springtime!

    Every season is VERYspecial but springtime’s hope is
    EXTRAordinary to me. Hugs, MerryJoys!

  2. Carolyn George says:

    Each one of these images by itself is magical, but the way you have collaged them is…miraculous! This instantly draws me to a sweet, quiet, tender, wondering place inside.

  3. eoweller says:

    Awhh, thanks MerryJoys and Carolyn!

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