Mike Mahr’s Pickle Recipe

From Mike: The pickle recipe is as simple as it seems—fresh kirby cukes, kosher or pickling salt, non-tap water (or tap water left out for a day or so), fresh garlic, pickling spices or what ever spices you like, fresh dill or dill weed (you can also add dill seeds), clean jar or crock.
  1. Wash the cukes cut or not to the desired shape–this doesn’t really affect the time to ferment.
  2. Dissolve the salt in the water (1 cup per gallon).
  3. Add the cukes and spices and dill to the jar and any other thing like dried peppers or mustard seeds–fill to cover the cukes and be sure to cover completely as uncovered one can rot in a
    week or 10 day that the pickles ferment. It may take longer as the temperature
    is not always the same–you’ll see the bubbles and can let the pickles go as
    sour as you want.
  4. Re pack and refrigerate–they last a good while under refrigeration.

Many thanks to Mike for sharing the pickles & recipe – I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy both!

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  1. Julie says:

    When you re-pack, are you using the existing brine or making new/fresh brine? Also, could you use zucchini in this recipe?


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