a practice for awakening the heart

BODHICITTA: A practice for awakening the heart at    

Amazing Heart Farm

 Lead by Christy Smith, Certified Meditation Teacher

 Experience embodiment & nourish your relationship with yourself and the earth

“The degree of our awareness is the degree of our aliveness. We have forgotten the virtue of sitting, watching, observing. Nothing much happens. This is the way of nature. We breathe together. Simply this. For long periods of time, the meadow is still. We watch. We wait. We wonder. Our eyes find a resting place. And then, the slightest of breezes moves the grass. It can be heard as a whispered prayer.”

-Terry Tempest Williams, from Finding Beauty in a Broken World

Christy Smith has been a student of meditation and awareness practice for seven years in the practicing lineage as taught by Dr. Reginald A. Ray. She has a unique gift for offering practice in a way that is plain, practical and down to earth.  She loves practice for its everyday pragmatic quality, but also for its ability to facilitate profound transformation. If you have questions please feel free to call her at (617) 388-1601.

Date:           Saturday, March 17, 9:30-4 PM

Cost:           $50, contact Elizabeth to inquire about scholarships

Registration: Contact Elizabeth Weller at amazingheartfarm@comcast.net

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