An update on our irrigation project:

A freshly dug trench – the PVC irrigation line is almost in! These irrigation lines will distribute the overflow from our artesian well (which will be collected & stored in our newly constructed irrigation pond) to the drip tape that lines our crop rows during the growing season.  Due to the excessive rains this season, it has been too wet to install the irrigation lines. There are still a few sections we’ll have to hand dig. But in the meantime, the trench digger that Zach’s operating (see below) is a big help! This project is underway thanks to the Rainbird Intelligent Use of Water Award that we received in March of 2011. Many thanks to all of you who diligently voted for us over the 2011 winter months! Our goal is to complete the irrigation project by March of 2012.

Bill “welding” PVC pipe

Zach operating the trench digger

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