National CSA Day

National CSA Day is on Friday, February 26, 2016! It was created to promote Community Supported Agriculture Programs and to encourage sign-ups because it’s that time of year! Farmers like myself are busy planning for the season and ordering supplies and seeds – I just ordered a few more today – and we need the financial support of our CSA members to make things happen.

But it goes much deeper than a purely monetary transaction. Each time I receive a colorful beetsnew membership application in the mail, or hear feedback on what members would like me to grow, or have new recipes shared with me, I feel energized and connected to where the food I’m growing is going. CSAs support BOTH the farmer and the eater. It’s a model of agriculture built around relationship. I love how Robyn Van En sums it up: “food producers + food consumers + annual commitment to one another = CSA and untold possibilities.” This, I think, says it all.

Please JOIN US for our 2016 season long adventure in healthy eating! Everyone who signs up by National CSA Day (February 26) will receive a pack of 3 photo notecards made with pictures from the farm 🙂


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