ROOT, a guest post by our awesome intern Danielle Ofeldt

ROOT, by Danielle Ofeldt (pictured above playing ukulele for Hannah)

Growing up, I never thought I’d want to stay in one place for too long.  The idea of being “stuck” somewhere terrified me and I had decided from a very young age that I would wander endlessly, without ever planting myself anywhere to avoid getting uprooted.

Things change, people change; we hear it all the time.  The truth is, the things we come to know and expect tend to be the ones that impact us the most.  Take the seasons, for example.  Right now, as I’m writing this, we’re caught in a July heat that feels almost unbearable and the rain is short and inconsistent.  However, this heat will pass with rolling storms and eventually a cold front will come to stay.  In that time, summer crops will be harvested and fall crops planted.  Rain will become wake up calls on school mornings rather than sudden relief from the sun.  Babies will take their first steps to look out the window as leaves dance towards the ground. 

Watching the Earth go through its seasonal routines is life-changing, but it’s also the constant, rhythmic change of life. It’s something we’ve come to expect, yet often don’t find the time to appreciate.  Earlier this summer, I was told to savor these summer days.  Something I’ve learned however, is that savoring them is much more significant when you’re sharing them.  Working on a farm has taught me a number of things. 

One, currants are the most beautiful shade of red, though freshly harvested beets are a close second.

Two, digging up potatoes is another way to accomplish a childhood dream of IMG_0345finding buried treasure.

Three, the smell of wet earth and watching the sun rise behind tall sunflowers climbing towards the changing sky is something that will always stay with you.

And finally, four, being a part of a community is the greatest thing you can do in your lifetime. 

When I was younger, I was scared to be a part of something bigger than myself.  I now understand that the only way you can grow is by letting your roots reach out towards others as well as deeper into the earth. Plant yourself somewhere, let yourself grow, and don’t be afraid to be a part of our Mother Earth with your fellow saplings.

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