Mike Mahr’s Garlic Scapes


Mike’s the best chef I’ve ever met.  He’s the real deal, driven not only by flavor (yeah, he has that down) but also by bringing folks together with the food he provides. He’s been in the kitchen holding everything together for some of the most important moments of my life – everything from my wedding to my dad’s funeral. Best day of my life. Worst day of my life. He was there. Reaching out, providing support. Doing what he does best. And he’s the best of the best. 

So, when I gave Mike all of our extra scapes from the farm, I should have known he’d turn around, create something delicious and beautiful, then text me, “oh hey, by the way, I’ve got scapes for you to share with all of your CSA members.” ‘Cause that’s just the kind of guy that he is.

So savor these garlic scapes. Because they’re not just any garlic scapes. They’re Mike Mahr’s garlic scapes. And that, well that, means something.


P. S. You can find a recipe for his tasty scapes HERE.

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