Sweet Delicious AHF Honey


It has been a few years since Jim Mattern, long-time CSA member & apiarist, brought the first hive of bees to Amazing Heart Farm. We now have two hives, both nestled in the bank along the lane meandering through our property and, up above, into Breams apple and peach orchards. Honeybees travel up to 3 miles in any direction to forage, and characteristics of the honey harvested is impacted by the different pollen and nectar sources available. It has been exciting for us to learn about and to experience the variation in color, texture, and taste from one honey harvest to the next (you can learn more about this complex process both HERE and HERE). 

It has also been very cool to learn more about the many benefits of enjoying raw honey- for example, I had no idea that it was full of so many vitamins & minerals, among them niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. And, when you eat local raw honey,  your body builds immunity to local allergens and this often helps to mitigate seasonal allergies. Few, if any, of these advantages are found in the honey purchased in a local supermarket. If you’re interested in learning about the differences between regular & raw honey, you can learn more HERE

In July, we invited students from Gettysburg College to help with our 2019 honey harvest. The following Saturday afternoon, my 4 year old daughter, Hannah, was able to experience the process as well! You’ll find a sample of this years honey in your next CSA bag. And we’re excited to be able to offer 12 oz. jars of honey for sale. 

If you’re interested, send Elizabeth an email at amazingheartfarm@gmail.com.

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