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For Sale – years of love and nourishment, ready to pass along to the next small farm dreamer. This unique patch of land, the perfect blend of cultivated & wild, is ready for new energy and vision.

A 6.44 acre farmette that has been in production since 2010. The growing beds are fitted with irrigation and perfect for mixed vegetable crops, cut flowers, or your choice of perennials. A small water retention pond was installed in 2011 to collect water from the artesian well. In the spring, the pond is the perfect breeding ground for the toads who stick around to help with pest control all season long.

There is an existing high tunnel for season extension and a small greenhouse heated with passive solar, solar thermal and a natural gas back-up heater that is perfect for seed starting and post-harvest processing. 

In 2016, we planted a small orchard on top of a unique hügelkultur installation (2160 square feet dug 2.5 feet deep and filled with 30 cords of wood, 40 mid-sized bales of hay, 24 yards of leaf mulch and 40 yards of mushroom soil). The paw paw trees just started producing last year! There’s also an established blueberry patch, a small asparagus patch and 2 prolific currant plants.

The lawn and gardens are perfect for outdoor events. We’ve enjoyed many fundraisers and farm-to-table dinners here over the years. There is also a children’s garden planted with blubs, perennials, and herbs with a registered “Little Free Library.” Updates on the house include a new energy efficient furnace, radiant heart, a renovated master bedroom with vaulted ceiling, skylights and loft, an enclosed back porch creating mud room and addition to dining room and renovated upstairs bath.

View listing HERE.

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