Why I Farm

In spite of the fact that “farming skipped a generation,” as my dad used to say with some relief, when, in the summer of 2009, my husband and I moved into our little farm-house in Cashtown and started fixing it up, my dad was the first one to lend a hand. And when I’d track chunks of fresh dirt onto the front porch after a few hours of work in the garden, my forehead covered in sweat, he’d smile at me with that special glimmer in his eye, offer me a sip of his coffee and say, “I just wish you could have met your grandfather.” I’d settle down next to him on the porch swing then. My father had a gift for bringing the past to life. The stories he told of his childhood were simple stories, but so warm and tender, sometimes funny, and always engaging. He wasn’t just telling you about something he remembered; he was inviting you to enter his past, to share in the experience all over again.

may the New Year SPARKLE

Happy . . . belated . . . New Year! I wish you all a New Year that S P A R K L E S & shines bright . . . I look forward to a New Year filled with potlucks & fire pits, bouquets of freshly picked flowers, the joyful anticipation of planting…

Painted Tutle Farm – a pretty special place

Hi Folks! I’m writing to let each of you know that for the next 30 days, I’m leading a SeedMoney Crowdfunding campaign to help raise money for Painted Turtle Farm. I got involved with the project about 4 years ago as Painted Turtle Farm transitioned to a Community Garden and Training Center and I’ve watched…

Much Gratitude for A Beautiful Season

Many thanks to all of the CSA members, student volunteers, and community members who participated in making our CSA a success this season! We’ll be back in 2017 for another season long adventure in eating. Stay tuned for the details 🙂 Elizabeth

And Next Season’s Garlic is in the Ground

And it’s time to plant garlic! This morning, the one & only (and most fabulous) Dustin Beall Smith brought his First Year Seminar to the farm to help out. We had more people than we needed for planting garlic but that, of course, was a good thing. Other students harvested and made bouquets of Globe…