Additional Products Offered Through Our CSA

We’re pleased to offer an 8 week bread share through Bakewell Farm this season! With every bread share, you will receive one loaf of organic pain au leavain. The loaves are sourdough with a 15% whole wheat & 5% whole rye addition, have good keeping qualities and are versatile. You can learn more about Bakewell Farm…

Farm Dinner for CNG at Beech Springs Farm

As a Board Member for Certified Naturally Grown, I know first hand how hard the organization works on behalf of its members. And that’s why I’m helping to organize its very first CNG Farm Dinner Fundraiser at Beech Spring Farm on July 15, 2017. Buy your ticket today!

Cook With What You Have

Katherine Deumling studied food and culture in Italy and Mexico (on a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship) and grew up in Germany. With years of cooking in various parts of the world (and quite of few of those in Oregon blessed with our unbelievable bounty) she has a good sense of what works together, some of the tricks you need to make the simplest ingredients sing, and mostly how to feed hungry mouths with the least amount of stress and the most amount of satisfaction.

National CSA Sign-Up Day

Community Supported Agriculture Programs (CSAs) have evolved to fit many different models but the basic structure works like this: during the late winter and early spring months, when the farmer needs money to purchase seeds and other supplies for the season, members of the local community purchase CSA shares. In other words, they buy their…