Happiness Jar

Last spring, I labeled a mason jar with the word “happiness” and then found it a home in the greenhouse between trays overflowing with seedlings and gardening tools caked in dirt. Then I invited AHF interns and visitors to share moments of happiness they experienced during their time here by adding a few words to the jar. Happiness is fleeting, but so beautiful. And with all of the changes and uncertainties in life, and in the world, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded to slow down and to savor the beauty of it all. 

Here are a few gems from our 2017 growing season “happiness” jar:

  • Overhearing a 7 year volunteering on one of the hottest days of the year say, “I want a thunderstorm to come and rain on my face.”
  • so many limes
  • feverfew
  • “My very first harvest!!!”
  • fireflies
  • pink and purple radishes
  • The moment Chloe, age 14, said, “If I were a goddess, I’d make all of these weeds disappear.” 
  • birdsong
  • afternoon breeze
  • smelling lavender for the very first time
  • mama robins

In gratitude,


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