may the New Year SPARKLE

Happy . . . belated . . . New Year! I wish you all a New Year that S P A R K L E S & shines bright . . . I look forward to a New Year filled with potlucks & fire pits, bouquets of freshly picked flowers, the joyful anticipation of planting…

Painted Tutle Farm – a pretty special place

Hi Folks! I’m writing to let each of you know that for the next 30 days, I’m leading a SeedMoney Crowdfunding campaign to help raise money for Painted Turtle Farm. I got involved with the project about 4 years ago as Painted Turtle Farm transitioned to a Community Garden and Training Center and I’ve watched…

Much Gratitude for A Beautiful Season

Many thanks to all of the CSA members, student volunteers, and community members who participated in making our CSA a success this season! We’ll be back in 2017 for another season long adventure in eating. Stay tuned for the details 🙂 Elizabeth

And Next Season’s Garlic is in the Ground

And it’s time to plant garlic! This morning, the one & only (and most fabulous) Dustin Beall Smith brought his First Year Seminar to the farm to help out. We had more people than we needed for planting garlic but that, of course, was a good thing. Other students harvested and made bouquets of Globe…

What Makes Community Supported Agriculture Thrive?

I started the CSA here at Amazing Heart Farm in 2009, directly after I graduated from Harvard Divinity School. Something that I thought about frequently while at Harvard was the importance of setting down roots and of really coming to know and to love a place, a community – and by community I mean our neighbors as well as our local watersheds, and foodsheds. Having a sustained commitment to one place means that we’re responsible for that place. And if everyone cares about and for where they are, I think that our relationships with each other and with the earth would be much healthier.

Shadows & Shade, a guest post by Danielle Ofeldt

I found this wonderful quote a few weeks back.  It goes something like this: “Life is not about the shadows you cast on your enemies, but the shade you provide to your friends.” This summer has been an incredible journey of creating the foundations for new friendships as well as rebuilding old ones.  Earlier this…

These Midsummer Days

And we had rain! Just a little. But there’s a promise of more. And the farmer’s spirit, well, my spirit thrives on hope. Especially when by 10 AM the air is almost too thick to breathe and the days are filled with the kind of heat that’s red and sweaty and furious.

Mike Mahr’s Garlic Scapes

Mike’s the best chef I’ve ever met. He’s the real deal, driven not only by flavor (yeah, he has that down) but also by bringing folks together with the food he provides. He’s been in the kitchen holding everything together for some of the most important moments of my life – everything from my wedding to my dad’s funeral. Best day of my life. Worst day of my life. He was there. Reaching out, providing support. Doing what he does best.

ROOT, a guest post by our awesome intern Danielle Ofeldt

When I was younger, I was scared to be a part of something bigger than myself. I now understand that the only way you can grow is by letting your roots reach out towards others as well as deeper into the earth. Plant yourself somewhere, let yourself grow, and don’t be afraid to be a part of our Mother Earth with your fellow saplings.

Join Us for Our August Potluck!

WHERE: Amazing Heart Farm / 181 Orrtanna Road / Orrtanna, PA 17353 – MAP IT WHEN: Saturday, August 13th at 6pm WHAT TO BRING: Something delicious to share; a lawn chair or blanket to sit on (if you like); BYOB. RSVP’s are helpful but not necessary. If you know you’re coming, please contact Elizabeth at…

Demain – Tomorrow (for Hannah)

I love watching Hannah grow up, so many changes, and so quickly. It’s really kinda incredible, this parenting thing. Most days I’m in the moment, savoring her sweet smile or focusing on what new food she’s tried that day. But sometimes I step back and imagine what her life will be like when she’s older….

Savor These Summer Days

Every year spring seems to start out sleepily, then as bulbs push their way through the snow and the cycles of planting greenhouse seedlings begin, I find myself stepping into a rhythm that speeds up as the days lengthen, quickening my step toward summer. And suddenly windows are open, flowers are in bloom, fireflies fill…